The diamond chainsaw is capable of creating cuts as small as 5” at 1/4” wide and with depths of up to 30”. This versatility makes it ideal for Florida’s construction market.


Horizontal curb cutting is an innovative and effective method to lower or eliminate curbs for driveways or ramps.


Handsaws are hydraulic powered, light weight, and are the staple for our concrete cutting company. Hand sawing provides portability, speed, and cutting depths to 12”. The Concrete Boyzz offers the most accurate saw cuts available in Palm Beach County. We have a tremendous variety of hydraulic handsaws in our inventory.


The Concrete Boyzz provide precise Wall Sawing cuts through vertical surfaces up to 40” in depth. Our team of highly trained demolition experts is ready to offer you the most precise cuts on the market.


Slab sawing is a common tool in the construction industry, being the preferred method for saw cutting of large horizontal concrete slabs and structures. We offer a wide variety of top of the line equipment to make this process as fast and efficient as possible.

We promise to deliver the most extensive Concrete Cutting Services in Palm Beach County, FL!